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Annalize Van Zyl Dentist Read bio

Annalize Van Zyl

BChD, BMedSci, PDD, MSc (Endodontics), MFGDP, Dip Imp Dent RCS (Eng)
GDC: 72167

Annalize graduated from Pretoria University in 1996 and also holds a degree in Biomedical Science from the same University. After obtaining a Diploma in Clinical Dentistry from Stellenbosch University, she immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2001.

She spent several years in private dental practice in the West End of London before she went on to become the owner and principal dentist at The Dental Practice in Shoreham-by-Sea in 2007.

In 2013, Annalize obtained a Master’s Degree in Endodontics (root canal treatment) from the University of Warwick. This provides her with the skills and knowledge in the area of endodontics to manage complex cases referred by colleagues, both locally and further afield.

Also in 2013, Annalize completed the year-long implant training certificate from the prestigious Tipton Dental Training Academy in London. To further her interest in and passion for implant treatment, Annalize obtained the prestigious Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2021. This diploma is considered the gold standard in dental implant training. She is also a member of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners, Royal College of Surgeons, England.

Annalize’s practice is limited to endodontics and implantology. She receives referrals for both root canals and implant treatment from numerous dentists, as well as self-referrals from patients. She is known for her empathetic, personal and honest approach to patient care. She believes that it is important to listen to and work with the patient, to achieve the best possible result, whether it be a relatively simple procedure or a complex full mouth rehabilitation.

Annalize also has a life beyond dentistry! In her spare time, she enjoys photography, travelling, bird watching and painting. The person that inspires her the most is her Mum and the memories of her. The three traits that define her are patience, endurance and kindness.

Interesting facts about Annalize:

  • Favourite quotation: “Do not judge a person by the chapter of their life you walked in on”.
  • If she weren’t so good at her job, she’d be an architect.
  • The craziest thing she’s ever done is scuba diving in a cave with 38 hammerhead sharks
  • Her favourite place in the world is Botswana
  • In another life, she is pretty sure that she was a dog
Ansonette Walles Dentist Read bio

Ansonette Walles

BChD Pretoria 1996
GDC: 71668

Ansonette graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1996, where she attained a certificate of distinction in oral surgery. She then moved to the United Kingdom where she gained 27 years of experience in Private and NHS practice. Before moving to West Sussex in 2019, she was the principal and owner of a large practice in Bedfordshire.

Ansonette is particularly interested in dentures and emphasises the value of giving patients the best-fitting, bespoke dentures. She receives referrals from numerous clinicians for management and provision of dentures where other providers could not satisfy patients’ denture needs. She is passionate about cosmetic dentistry and treating patients who suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding) and aching jaw joints by using splint therapy. She has experience in providing snoring appliances and clear braces.

Ansonette continues to attend comprehensive courses to stay current on the most recent treatment approaches in dentistry. She takes great joy in her work and takes pride in delivering holistic, quality, caring dentistry to all her patients.

Ansonette is a keen gardener and is often helped around her garden by her two Schnoodles, Bella and Maya. She loves spending time with her family and it nearly always revolves around food. Because of its beauty, Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland is her favourite destination. She lives by her favourite quote: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

Donya Ghorbani Dentist Read bio

Donya Ghorbani

BDS Cardiff
GDC: 271893

Donya graduated as a dental surgeon from Cardiff University in 2017. As an undergraduate, she achieved several prestigious awards including being the winner of a Royal College of Surgeons dental skills competition. She was a finalist in the Private Dentistry Awards and was shortlisted in the categories of ‘Best Patient Care’ and ‘Best Young Dentist’ in 2018.

Donya enjoys practising evidence-based dental and aesthetic medicine to a high standard that is tailored to the individual needs of her patients. She takes a holistic approach to oral health and loves working with people. She will take the time to get to know her patients well and to provide treatments that will benefit them in the long term, with a special emphasis on prevention and minimalistic dentistry.

Donya enjoys keeping up to date with advances in the world of dentistry and to incorporate these for the benefit of her patients daily. She routinely utilises the state-of-art scanners available at the practice to construct same-day aesthetic crowns as well as scans for her patients which aid advanced treatment planning, negating the need for traditional impressions.

Donya has attended an extensive Periodontology masterclass at the prestigious University College London to further her understanding and to improve outcomes for her patients. She is currently working towards a postgraduate diploma in Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry in London, where she attends monthly sessions to further her knowledge about general dentistry.

Donya has also undergone advanced training in and is experienced in non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments. These include wrinkle reduction treatments which are extremely popular. She also provides non-invasive treatment for a gummy smile. Excessive grinding and clenching of teeth are becoming an increasingly prevalent problem for many of her patients and Donya is able to offer treatment that provides pain relief as well as prevents consequences of grinding such as fractured teeth or restorations. Donya also provides dermal filler treatments which can rejuvenate and beautify the face and skin.

She takes pride in producing natural results in her dentistry as well as her facial aesthetic work. She loves to see how small, subtle changes can improve aesthetics and help provide a more youthful appearance or to hugely improve the self-esteem of her patients.

Outside the world of dentistry and aesthetics, Donya enjoys keeping fit, cooking Persian cuisine, and going for sea swims.

Her favourite quotes:
“Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life” – Omar Khayyam
“How do you spell love?” asked Piglet. “You don’t spell it, you feel it.” said Pooh – Winnie the Pooh

James Matthew Dentist Read bio

James Matthew

BDS Sheffield
GDC: 271595

James graduated as a dentist from the University of Sheffield, where he held the role of Vice President of the Dental Society. After working in South Yorkshire, he moved to West Sussex where he has since gained several years of experience in private practice.

He has undergone further training in the placement of composite restorations (tooth-coloured fillings) and the use of ceramic restorations to restore compromised teeth. James uses the benefit of photography to help discuss any dental issues with his patients, talking through treatment plans in detail and involving his patients in the decision-making process. He incorporates digital dentistry into his workflow, when possible, to optimise patient comfort.

James enjoys treating nervous patients and likes to provide dentistry in a relaxed and calm manner, making his patients feel at ease and reassured.

Interesting facts about James:

  • When he was 5, he was sure he’d be a Formula 1 driver
  • His favourite place in the world is Cornwall
  • Outside of work he enjoys running, film and music
  • He would love to learn how to fly
  • He is passionate about dentistry
Juanette du Toit Dentist Read bio

Juanette du Toit

GDC: 75141

In 1998, Juanette graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa with a degree in dentistry. She immigrated to the UK that same year and continued to study whilst working in general dentistry, gaining a Master’s degree in implant dentistry in 2008 – an area of work that she is still very much involved in.

Over the years Juanette has built an enviable reputation for her professional knowledge, practical ability, empathetic approach and her outstanding patient care. If you have a fear or phobia of going to the dentist, Juanette will put you right at ease.

Outside of the surgery, Juanette loves wild swimming and travelling both in the UK and abroad. Wherever in the world she finds herself, she will seek out a swimming spot. Often you will find her 10-year-old daughter swimming alongside her. Her favourite place in the world is under a waterfall.

Juanette also plays, and sometimes teaches, the piano. She is a keen tennis player. Of course, coming from South Africa, Juanette loves cooking and eating outdoors and it is not uncommon to find her outside, tongs in hand, even if it’s snowing!

Interesting facts about Juanette:

  • Her favourite quote: “Use it or lose it”
  • When she was 5, she was sure she’d be a game ranger in Africa
  • The person that inspires her the most is her mum
  • When she is not working, she loves to read and stare into space, dreaming about all the places she hasn’t seen yet
  • The three traits that define her are: adventurous, curious, sensitive
  • Her favourite 2 films are “Amelie” and “My Father’s Glory and My Mother’s Castle.”
Mina Kansal Dentist Read bio

Mina Kansal

BDS Manipal 2000
GDC: 248724

Minakshi graduated from the College of Dental Surgery, India in 2000 and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 2009. She went on to practice general dentistry whilst working for 8 years in the Maxillofacial Surgical Unit of Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital Trust.

Mina is currently enrolled in the Diploma of Implant Dentistry with the Royal College of Surgeons and has also completed the prestigious Aspire Dental Academy Advanced Restorative Course.

Her main passion is oral surgery and we are fortunate enough to have her as part of our team to manage complicated extractions in-house without the need to refer patients to hospital or alternative practices. She also accepts referrals from referring clinicians for extractions.

Our Hygienists

Laura Atkins Hygienist Read bio

Laura Atkins

GDC: 5483

Laura graduated from the Eastman Dental Hospital in June 1999. She has been working at The Dental Practice since 2005 and has known most of her loyal patients for all these years.

Laura’s energetic, positive and loyal personality makes patients feel comfortable in the dental setting. She enjoys seeing the improvements she can help make in their oral health and confidence in their smile.

The people who inspire Laura the most are her parents. When she was five, Laura was sure she would be a pilot. Her favourite place in the world is Japan and if she could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be Prince. If she won the lottery, she would travel the world (after her 3 months’ notice…). Outside of work, Laura enjoys strength training, netball, and sleeping.

Interesting facts about Laura:

  • Laura would love to learn how to drive an F1 car
  • Favourite quote: “What’s for lunch?”
  • In another life, Laura is pretty sure that she was… another person
Alison Fourniss Hygienist Read bio

Alison Fourniss

GDC: 4756

Alison graduated from the School of Hygiene at Bristol Dental School in 1994. She has been working in the West Sussex area for over 25 years in a number of different dental practices.

Having joined Mariner’s Point Dental Practice in 2019, she has quickly gained herself a reputation as a gentle but thorough practitioner. Alison’s passion is to help patients maintain a healthy smile. She has a particular interest in working closely with our dentists to treat preventable conditions such as gum disease.

Alison loves to travel to unusual destinations. So far, her favourite place in the world is the Himalayas and she has trekked to Everest Basecamp. One day, she would love to explore South America. She has a keen interest in learning Spanish, enjoys reading, keeping fit, country walks and live music.

Interesting facts:

  • Once did a bungee jump when in Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Favourite books: Wuthering Heights and The English Patient.
  • Favourite Albums: Astral Weeks and Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Favourite Quote: The mind is like a parachute; it has to be open to work.
  • If she could meet anyone living or dead, it would be Leonard Cohen.
Amy Chapman Hygienist Read bio

Amy Chapman

GDC: 173086

After working in dentistry for more than 10 years as a Dental Nurse and Oral Health Educator, Amy decided to further her skills and train as a Hygiene Therapist at Newcastle University. She qualified in 2016 with a Merit and has since been practicing in General Practice where her passion and enthusiasm has gathered her a loyal patient base. She prides herself in her personal approach and enjoys getting to know her patients, both for their clinical needs and on a personal basis.

She is particularly well equipped to help patients who are nervous and is able to help them relax and feel safe by delivering a gentle and calming atmosphere.

Amy has recently become a mother to a happy and healthy boy called Alfred. Although she has enjoyed her maternity leave, she is excited to be back at work and putting her professional shoes on, helping people and delivering the highest quality of care and personal touch to all that she does.

Interesting facts about Amy:

  • Her favourite place in the world is South America
  • If she could meet anyone alive or dead it would be Dame Judy Dench
  • Her favourite quote is “Shy bairns get nowt”
Jade Macdonald Hygienist Read bio

Jade Macdonald

GDC: 5743

Jade graduated with a diploma in Dental Hygiene from the Eastman Dental Institute in 2000. She has since gained over 20 years’ experience in a variety of settings, working in London and East Sussex. Jade is very passionate about preventative care, and her aim is to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease, so they have a positive dental experience.

Jade has recently completed several in-depth courses in skin science, and is able to provide facial treatments and homecare advice to improve the health and appearance of her patients’ skin. She aims to optimise skin and smile health with evidence-based results. Jade belives that beautiful glowing skin is for everyone! She also has a keen interest in alternative therapies and is qualified in reflexology.

Away from dentistry, Jade loves being outside in nature, walking her cockapoo Bonnie and spending time with her husband and two sons. As a family, they enjoy camping and outdoor activities. Jade can always be found on the side of a rugby pitch on a Sunday morning, watching her sons play come rain or shine!

Interesting facts about Jade:

  • Her favourite quote: “Wake up and live” – Bob Marley
  • The craziest thing she’s ever done is a skydive in Australia
  • When she was 5, Jade was sure she’d be a dancer
  • Her favourite place in the world is Italy
  • The three traits that define her are collaboration, kindness and loyalty

Our Nurses

Charlene Brummerhoff Head Nurse Read bio

Charlene Brummerhoff

Head Nurse
GDC: 135744

Charlene was born and raised in South Africa. She came to the UK in 1999 for a two year working holiday and is still here. She has made the south coast her home since 2003. She loves walking along the beach with her family and her little Chihuahua called Nacho.

Charlene has been part of our TDP family since 2007, and Annalize’s right-hand since then too. She’s has seen the practice grow over the years and is very proud to be a part of the process.

Charlene qualified as a dental nurse in 2007 after a short career in computer programming. She has gained additional qualifications in radiography and impression taking and is responsible for taking the CBCT scans in the practice.

Interesting facts about Charlene:

  • Favourite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
  • Best thing you’ve ever done: Cycling the Virginia creeper trail in the USA, also her favourite place in all the world
  • If she won the lottery, she would take her boys to see a NBA game in the USA
  • She would love to learn how to play the flute – but as she is not musical at all, good luck to her tutor
  • Three traits that define her are: caring, humble and loyal
Suzanna Upton Dental Nurse Read bio

Suzanna Upton

Dental Nurse
GDC: 290002

After Suzanna left school, she started a career as a dental nurse, which she enjoyed for 10 years. She then took time away from the dental profession to raise her children and chose to return 19 years later, obtaining the NEBDN qualification in 2019. She has been a member of The Dental Practice team since then and undertakes a two-hour journey per day because working here is worth the drive.

Although she would not have believed anyone telling her she would go back to college at age 40 to get qualified, she is very glad she did and enjoys working with patients and the rest of the team alike.

Interesting facts about Suzanna:

  • Her favourite quote: “Treat others the way you like to be treated”
  • Her favourite two films are Dirty Dancing and Coyote Ugly
  • Outside of work she enjoys learning to jive
  • The craziest thing she’s ever done is a tandem skydive at 12,000 feet
Tracy McAuliffe Dental Nurse Read bio

Tracy McAuliffe

Dental Nurse
GDC: 154235

Tracy found her love for the dental industry and qualified as a dental nurse back in 1995. In her role she worked in a hospital setting, and also taught children in the classroom about dental health. Since gaining her dental nursing qualification, Tracy has worked for a couple of practices in varying roles.

Tracy worked at Albion Dental Practice for 16 years, starting in 2006. She joined as a senior dental nurse and worked her way up to practice manager. Tracy was often assisting with complex treatments such as implants, always keeping her up-to-date with the latest treatments and in the front line of customer care and service, something she absolutely prides herself on.

Tracy now works for The Dental Practice Mariner Point as her passion is dental nursing. She is really enjoying her role with a supportive, friendly team and she feels so proud to be a strong part of the team. The three traits that define Tracy are caring, compassionate and loyal and the person that inspires her the most is her mum.

Outside of work, Tracy enjoys spending time with her wife and keeping fit. She would love to learn how to play the drums and if she could meet anyone, dead or alive, she’d meet the singer Pink.

Interesting facts about Tracy:

  • Her favourite quote: “Never look back”
  • When she was 5, she was sure she’d be a children’s nanny or hairdresser
  • Your favourite place in the world is Las Vegas
  • In another life, she is pretty sure that she was a mother
  • If she won the lottery, she would open a small animal shelter
Emily McBride Dental Nurse Read bio

Emily McBride

Dental Nurse
GDC: 307510

At the age of 20, Emily moved to Australia, where she spent 3 years experiencing life down under. In 2015, Emily then moved to Guernsey in the Channel Islands where she spent the next 4 years working as a Corporate Travel Consultant at the Specsavers Headquarters. From the age of 18, Emily had spent her working life in the Travel Industry where she worked for the likes of Swissport, TUI and Specsavers Corporate.

In 2020 (the year of the pandemic of all years), Emily decided she wanted to retrain as a Dental Nurse. Despite starting her nursing career having to wear heavy PPE and working under strict covid restrictions at a very busy NHS practice in Brighton, it did not put her off.

Emily has been working at The Dental Practice Marnier Point since 2021 and enjoys the warm friendly camaraderie of the team. Emily takes pride in her nursing and is very good at putting nervous patients at ease. Emily works chairside to assist and support both the Dentists and Hygienists at The Dental Practice. She can also be found working away on reception too.

When Emily is not working, she can be found enjoying the outdoors, going for hikes, cycling, running and finding new nature spots to relax in.

If she won the lottery, she would spend her time travelling the world ticking off her bucket list of unique places to visit.

Davina Olney Dental Nurse Read bio

Davina Olney

Dental Nurse
GDC: 128697

Davina was born in Brighton and has always lived in and around the surrounding areas. She started dental nursing as soon as she left school in 1995 and has been doing it ever since. She lives locally with her husband and two children, Nirvana and Athena.

She absolutely loves working at The Dental Practice Mariner Point! She loves the team spirit and that everyone respects each other and are all friends, not just work colleagues.

Davina identifies being loyal, kind and easy going as her most defining traits. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and her two French bulldogs Tiffany and Chucky. She loves to go on big walks up and around the Sussex Downs and along the seafront. When the tide is out, walking in the water is one of her favourite things to do. She is very passionate about her food and loves to eat out at different restaurants.

Interesting facts about Davina:

  • She loves to listen to heavy metal/rock genre music
  • Her favourite two films are Labyrinth and Gremlins
  • Her dad is the person that inspires her the most
  • If she could meet one person it would be Lady Gaga
  • In a previous life, she is sure she was a leopard, due to the fact she loves leopard print!
Barbora Lachmanova Trainee Dental Nurse Read bio

Barbora Lachmanova

Trainee Dental Nurse

Our Support Team

Trudie Heyns Practice Manager Read bio

Trudie Heyns

Practice Manager
GDC: 288358

Trudie emigrated from South Africa to the UK in 2001. She is a qualified Microbiologist and previously also worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

She started her career in dentistry in 2006 as Manager of The Dental Practice in Southdown Road. Keen to learn more about the clinical aspect of dentistry, she trained as a dental nurse and completed the NEBDN Diploma in 2019.

Valuable beyond estimation to The Dental Practice Mariner Point, Trudie is still managing the practice after our relocation from Southdown Road. She takes pride in her work and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the needs of both patients and staff are met, and that everyone leaves our practice with a smile.

She loves and enjoys her job as it means working in partnership with various clinicians and staff, acting jointly to provide patients with exemplary care. It allows her the opportunity to interact with wonderful people on a daily basis.

Away from the practice, Trudie is a keen bird watcher and enjoys travelling to exciting new places whenever she can.

Gerri Hickman Receptionist Read bio

Gerri Hickman


“I’m humble enough to know I’m not irreplaceable but cocky enough to know it would be a downgrade!”

Gerri has been working in dentistry for 22 years, firstly as a qualified dental nurse and then as a receptionist. She enjoys the face-to-face contact element of her job, and also getting to know the patients. Gerri likes the admin side of the job too. She finds that having a background in nursing helps, as she does have a working knowledge of dental treatments and procedures and can answer most questions from our patients.

Gerri is married with two grown-up step children. She is a huge dog lover and currently has Summer the lurcher and Badger the greyhound, both rescue dogs. Gerri tries to do as many fundraising events as she can, including abseiling off the Spinnaker Tower, fire walking and jumping off cliffs! For her 40th birthday, Gerri spent the week volunteering at Galgos Del Sol in Spain. They rescue and rehome Spanish greyhounds and give them a new chance at life. She even raised £10,000 for them before she went, a great achievement!

Julia Chenery Receptionist Read bio

Julia Chenery


Julia worked as a dental nurse for over 20 years, and has been a receptionist with The Dental Practice for the last five years. She is married with two grown-up sons and a grandson.

Julia enjoys attending Open Mic nights, singing and playing guitar. She dabbles in painting, knitting, and travels around the UK in her motorhome as much as possible.

In 2010, Julia took a year out and went travelling, before spending three years living and working in Devon. She returned to Sussex when her grandson was born, bringing her rescue dog Womble with her!

Julia’s favourite thing, beside her grandson, is eating cake. “Cake is for life, not just for birthdays! However, there is always someone somewhere with a birthday!”

Kelly Norton Receptionist Read bio

Kelly Norton


Kelly has been a dental nurse here in Sussex since leaving college in 2001. She enjoys all aspects of the profession, especially taking pride in comforting and caring for patients.

Kelly loves the variation the practice offers her, as she also enjoys being part of the reception team. She enjoys greeting patients and getting involved in the admin side of things that come with the role.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys exercising, walking her dogs on the Sussex Downs and going to the beach.

She is a keen cook and loves to create new dishes, especially trying to recreate dishes she has sampled in her favourite holiday destination, India.

When Kelly was a child, she always wanted to be in the medical profession.

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