Alleviate your fear of the dentist

Some people feel so worried about visiting the dentist that they avoid attending regular appointments and even having dental treatment altogether. Whatever the reason for your anxiety or fear, we can help. Modern dentistry is very patient-focused, with new techniques and approaches to help. At The Dental Practice, we have experience with nervous patients and can use tailored IV sedation treatment to make you feel at ease in our care.

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Why choose to have sedation?
  • Makes you feel completely relaxed and anxiety-free
  • Rapid onset of the calming effects
  • Level of sedation can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Can help you forget the treatment process
  • Allows you to communicate with the dentist
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What is involved in having sedation?

Your general health will be carefully assessed, including your blood pressure and oxygen levels, to ensure you are suitable for this type of sedation and the correct amount is administered. A very thin needle is inserted into a vein, leaving a soft plastic tube through which the sedative will be gradually delivered. The sedation is completely safe and effective, and will be closely monitored throughout the treatment process.

Additional medication will be required to relieve any discomfort as sedation only calms you and does not provide pain relief. However, this will be administered once you are suitably relaxed. The effects of sedation will take a while to wear off, so you will need someone to take you home and keep an eye on you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is sedation safe?

Yes, sedation is completely safe when provided and monitored by a qualified and trained professional. We use experienced sedationists to administer sedation for each individual patient.

How will IV sedation in the surgery affect me?

Whilst IV sedation will make you drowsy and unaware of the treatment you are undergoing, you will remain lucid enough to communicate and cooperate with the dental team. The effects of the sedative will take time to wear off and you won’t be able to drink alcohol, drive or work machinery during this time so it is important that someone can help you home after treatment and keep a careful eye on you for some time afterwards. Your dentist will be able to tell you how long it will be before the drugs are completely clear from your body.

Will I ever feel differently about visiting the dentist?

It is highly likely! As you get to know and trust your dentist, hygienist and other members of the dental team at your practice, your fears will dampen. In time you will come to see your regular visit to the dentist as just another part of your normal life.

Are there other ways I can manage my dental anxiety?

There are lots of other ways you can manage your dental anxiety, and we are happy to help you with this. Our practice environment has been designed to be welcoming and open, with our friendly staff always on hand to help you feel at ease. We encourage you to tell us if you are feeling nervous so we can tailor our care. We will discuss the treatment in as much or little detail as you prefer, and welcome you to listen to music or your favourite podcast in the dental chair if this relaxes you. Our patients are at the heart of all we do.

Can I request sedation for my dental treatment?

If you think you would benefit from sedation to help you feel less nervous about visiting the dentist or undergoing treatment, please talk to us. We will chat through the benefits of sedation with you, the processes involved and make sure you are happy before continuing.

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